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Our community and our country are crying out for change.

Over the last year, I’ve talked to thousands of people across our community. The message you’ve given me is clear. Politics is a mess. You are really unhappy about the direction the country is going in. You think the Government is a total shambles. You’re worried about our local area.

What’s more, you have told me you are frustrated. You feel politics isn’t working. That you are not being listened to. That our do-nothing MP is barely lifting a finger to help you or our community.

You deserve better. I’m running for Parliament because I want to bring real change - to our area, to our country and to the way politics works for people. And I want to put your concerns at the heart of my campaign. This film tells you more about me and my priorities.

Because of my background, I’m passionate about standing up for local people and fighting for the things that matter to us all - good public services, good jobs, good housing. My father is a Holocaust survivor who came to this country all alone as a child refugee. It’s only because of the welcome he received that I’m here today. Growing up, Health Service staff supported me for years to help me overcome a serious speech impediment. And the NHS didn’t just help give me my voice. It also saved my daughter’s life when she was born extremely prematurely.

This is an amazing community - diverse, vibrant, welcoming. But so many people here are struggling despite working hard. Rents are sky high and soaring house prices are putting the dream of home ownership out of reach for many people. Meanwhile, developers seem to be going unchecked, ignoring residents and treating tenants poorly.

Our NHS is being stretched to breaking point, with local waiting times among the worst in England. Local schools have seen the money they get for each pupil cut. Local police numbers have been slashed due to government cuts-backs. And local services have been cut to the bone, with roads not being fixed and rubbish piling up on the streets.

We are  being let down by this incompetent government and by our do-nothing  MP. He’s supported  government cuts to our police, our schools and our public services. He’s done little to tackle the local housing crisis. He’s barely lifted a finger  to get the council to sort out pressing local issues like parking, pavements or fly tipping. And I’ve lost count of the number of people who tell me that he’s failed to help with their problems or even answer their letters.

Instead, he’s spent his time campaigning for a Hard Brexit - despite the fact that this constituency voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU.

You deserve so much better. I’ll bring change. Unlike the current MP, I’ll always put this community first-no matter who it means standing up to. I’ll fight for you and the issues you care about:

  • Fixing the housing crisis. I’ll fight for a massive increase in the number of genuinely affordable homes, for tighter regulation of rents and for new rights for tenants. And I’ll campaign to give local people the final say on developments and to make sure plans include enough parking and support for extra public services. This film tells you more about my vision for housing
  • Proper investment in the NHS and more money for schools. I’ll fight for our NHS and schools to make sure they get the money they need. This film tells you more about my policies on schools and education and this film tells you more about my policies on the NHS.
  • More bobbies on the beat. I’ll put tackling crime at the top of the agenda and fight for more police across Hendon to undo damaging government police cuts
  • An economy that works for all with help for families. I’ll campaign for a fairer economy, better pay, more rights at work and more help for families.Labour will build an economy that work for all, while making sure that 95% of people don’t pay more tax
  • An open and diverse country and against ruinous Conservative Hard Brexit. However you voted in the 2016 referendum, I’m sure you’ll agree the Government has made a mess of Brexit. I’ll fight for the people, not politicians, to have the final say one Brexit. And if there’s a second referendum, I’ll campaign for remain. This film tells you more about my position.
  • Fighting prejudice. Labour needs to do more to tackle antisemitism. I'll fight for that and confront antisemitism wherever I find it. And I'll stand against racism, Islamophobia and all forms of prejudice.
  • Tough action on local issues. I’ll hold the council to account and force action on local issues like rubbish, fly-tipping, roads and parking. This film tells you more about what I'll do. 

Most of all, I’ll listen. I know people are fed up with politicians who are out of touch. I want to put your concerns at the heart of everything I do. I’m out every week, come rain or shine, around the constituency, listening to local residents. And if I’m elected, I’ll hold weekly surgeries and events and will share my mobile number (the one below) so that you can always talk to me. I’ll be a strong voice for you.

The Lib Dems can't win here. At the last election, they got under 4% of the vote. A vote for them is a vote for the Conservatives. Only a vote for Labour can bring change. That's why the Lib Dem candidate for Parliament in 2015 and 2017 is now supporting my campaign

I hope you’ll join me so that together we can bring change and build a better futurefor our community.

Please do get in touch at David4Hendon@gmail.com or 07498814792. I’d love to hear from you.