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This country desperately needs change. The NHS is at breaking point and schools are being starved of funds while big companies get massive tax cuts. Social housing is being swept away and renters are struggling to cover their bills while developers run riot. Benefits are being savagely cut. Millions are struggling with low pay, zero hours contracts and a public sector pay freeze. And Tory hard Brexit is stoking xenophobia and putting our children’s futures at risk.

As a foodbank volunteer, I see at first hand the devastating effect these policies are having. Families pitched onto the breadline because of cruel benefit changes. The poor and vulnerable left behind.

Meanwhile, while so many are struggling, Hendon's Tory MP barely even bothers to come to the constituency, is doing nothing to stand up for the people of Hendon and is cheering on a hard Brexit that most people here oppose. 

It’s just not right. This amazing community deserves so much better. That’s why I’m running to be your candidate-to bring real, radical change. This film explains more about why I'm running and the change I want to bring to Hendon.

I know the difference Labour policies and Labour values of solidarity and compassion can make. Like many in Hendon, I come from an immigrant family. My father is a Holocaust survivor. He came to this country all alone as a child refugee but was welcomed with open arms. The NHS supported me for years to help me overcome a debilitating speech impediment and saved my daughter’s life when she was born extremely prematurely.

That’s why I’ve been a campaigner my whole life. I’ve worked to fight poverty and inequality both here and abroad. Currently, I’m working closely with the Grenfell families with their fight for justice and am setting up a campaign to fight for a better deal for low waged workers. I am a charity trustee and a school governor.

I’ve been a Labour activist for over 20 years and worked as a social policy adviser to the Home Secretary and the Chancellor under the last Labour government. In 2015, I ran against George Osborne to take on his failed and destructive policy of austerity. I’m an active trade unionist and I’m proud to be Vice Chair of my GMB branch.

I want to bring real change to this community. Winning here won’t be easy. We went backwards at the local elections and need to address the causes-in particular the concerns of the Jewish community-head on. Strong words must be matched by strong action.  

But it can be done. I have the experience of running high profile national campaigns to beat the Tories. And I want to do it by running a people-centred campaign that puts this community and you the members, your voice and your ideas at the heart of everything we do. 

I am humbled and honoured by the support I've already received from local members. Our grassroots campaign has already won far more nominations from local members and local party branches than any other candidate. Five of Hendon's seven local branches have chosen me as their nominee. I want to unite our party so that we can take on the Tories. 

With your support, we can build a fairer country. We can rebuild our public services, end privatisation and restore our NHS. We can create an economy that works for all, end the scandal of zero hours contracts and create decent, well-paid jobs. We can tackle the housing crisis, undertaking a massive social house-building programme. We can generate opportunities for our young people. And we can promote and protect the diversity that makes this community so special. As your candidate, I will oppose Tory hard Brexit and campaign for a close relationship with Europe. And I will fight anti-semitism, islamophobia and racism wherever I find it.

Together, we can create a politics that works for people and build a country for the many, not the few.

I hope you’ll join me so that we can bring change to Hendon. Please do get in touch at David4Hendon@gmail.com or 07498814792. I’d love to hear from you.