About David

My story is like that of so many people in Hendon. I come from an immigrant family. My father is a Holocaust survivor who came to this country all alone as a child refugee. He had little but was welcomed into a foster family with open arms. If it wasn’t for the welcome he received, I wouldn’t be here today.

Growing up, things weren’t always easy. Throughout my childhood, I suffered from a serious speech impediment. It took years of therapy and support from dedicated NHS staff to overcome it. And the NHS didn’t just help me find my voice. It saved my daughter’s life when she was born extremely prematurely after my wife fell seriously ill while pregnant. I owe more than I can ever say to the NHS staff who worked around the clock for weeks to nurse her back to health.

These experiences are why I’m determined to fight for good public services, good housing, good jobs and a good life for all. I’m proud to be British, proud of this community and want to make a real difference for everyone across Hendon.

That’s why I’ve campaigned throughout my adult life for a better life for all. I’ve worked on initiatives to fight poverty and strengthen public services both here and overseas in developing countries like Afghanistan. I have served as the trustee of a major charity fighting disadvantage and as a school governor. And I am proud to work with the survivors and bereaved of the Grenfell fire in their fight for justice and to work regular shifts at a food bank.

I have the passion to fight for you and bring change. And I have the professional experience to be able to deliver for this community, bring real improvements and make change happen.

I have worked in public, private and not-for-profit sectors. I have held senior roles in business and in government. Under the last Labour government, I was an adviser to the Home Secretary and the Chancellor of the Exchequer and fought successfully for more police, more investment in public services and more support for families. It is this know-how that I’ll bring to standing up for Hendon in Parliament.

I’m hugely lucky to be married to Sarah and to have a marvellous daughter. I’m also an Arsenal fan, which some days feels like a mixed blessing.