About David

I come from an immigrant family. My father, a Holocaust survivor, came to this country all alone as a child refugee. He had little but was welcomed with open arms. My mother’s an immigrant too.

Things weren’t always easy. Sometimes, my family struggled. What’s more, throughout my childhood, I suffered from a serious speech impediment. It took years of therapy and support from dedicated NHS staff to overcome it.

These experiences shaped my determination to fight for a fairer society.

I’ve worked on initiatives to fight poverty and strengthen public services both here and overseas in developing countries like Afghanistan.

Today, I’m working with the Grenfell families in their fight for justice, I’m setting up a campaign to help the low paid, I serve as the trustee of a charity fighting disadvantage and as a school governor and I work shifts in my local food bank.

I’m a proud trade unionist and vice chair of my local GMB branch.

That same passion for making a difference is also why I joined Labour. I’ve been a party activist for over 20 years, campaigning at all levels of the party. I’ve worked as a social policy adviser to the Chancellor and Home Secretary in the Labour government. I’m out on the doorstep come rain or shine, have chaired my branch party, have campaigned across dozens of seats across the country and have organised campaigns at all levels of the party.

In 2015, I ran against George Osborne, rebuilding the local party and running a campaign to take on his callous policy of austerity.

I’m dedicated to this party. That’s why I’m so excited that Labour is inspiring a new generation to get involved with politics.

I’m hugely lucky to be married to Sarah-a former NHS worker-and to have marvellous daughter, Natasha, who goes to our local state primary. Family is very important to me, especially because I came so close to losing it. Sarah fell very ill when she was pregnant and spent weeks in hospital before giving birth. Natasha was born very prematurely and hugely underweight. I owe more than I can say to the hospital staff who worked around the clock for twelve weeks to save their lives and nurse them both back to health.

This film tells you more about me and why I'm running.