David on the issues

I've spent the last few months meeting with local Labour members, listening to your ideas, hearing your concerns. As your candidate, I'll fight for the policies you care about. Building on the success of our radical manifesto, I will campaign to bring real change. 

Rebuilding public services

Good public services are the foundation of a decent society. Yet thanks to the Tories’ divisive and destructive policy of austerity, our public services are at breaking point. Critical local services are being closed and school budgets squeezed, while years of pay freezes are leaving public sector workers struggling to make ends meet. What’s more, as we’ve seen in Barnet with Capita, ideologically-driven privatisation is hollowing out services, slashing their quality and putting profits before people. I will fight for more investment in public services with more money for local services and schools, proper pay for public servants and an end to privatisation with services being brought back in house where practical.

Protecting our NHS

I owe the NHS more than I can ever say. It saved my daughter’s life and gave me my voice. But despite the hard work of its amazing staff, austerity has left the NHS struggling to cope. We see it locally. People struggle to even get appointments for some listed specialisms at hospitals serving the community. It’s just not good enough. As your candidate, I will fight for the NHS, for proper funding and stand up for its dedicated staff.

Building genuinely affordable housing

Decent housing should be a right, not a privilege. Yet today in Barnet, 3,000 children are homeless, working people are struggling to keep up with spiralling rents, the young are shut out of the housing market and social housing residents are being turned out of their homes in places like the West Hendon Estate to make way for developers. And at a time when we desperately need more affordable housing, the council and developers are conspiring to cut the amount of social housing. We need radical change. We need a massive programme to build social housing. We need to bring in real affordable rents. We need to strengthen rights for renters. And we need to give power back to residents rather than developers. I will fight for decent and affordable housing for all.

Fighting for an economy that works for all

A strong economy is vital for building a fairer society. But the reality is that the economy is not working for most people. Working people are suffering the longest pay squeeze in 200 years. Millions of people are trapped in a cycle of low pay and precarious work, struggling to make ends meet while big companies get a massive tax cut and fat cat utilities squeeze customers. Meanwhile, thanks to benefit cuts, millions are being thrown onto the breadline and the number of children growing up in poverty is rising rapidly. But there is another way. As your candidate, I’ll fight for greater investment to create decent jobs, the repeal of the recent Trade Union law and a bigger say for workers in the way their companies are run, better training for young people, nationalisation of key utilities and the railways and a reversal of the immoral cuts to benefits. Locally, I'll be a tireless advocate for more investment to create good local jobs and boost the economy for instance by putting pressure on Hammerson to reverse their decision on Brent Cross redevelopment. 

Confronting anti-semitism and taking on prejudice

My father is a Holocaust survivor. Like many of you, my family knows first hand where prejudice and hatred can lead. That’s why I’m determined to take on anti-semitism wherever it’s found. We have to do much more to address the concerns of the Jewish community. This isn't a factional issue. It's a moral one. I’ll also stand up against Islamophobia and racism and stand in solidarity with the victims of all prejudice. Anti-racism is at the heart of who I am as a person and what we stand for as a party. As your candidate, it will be my highest calling.

Fighting Tory hard Brexit

The Tories are hellbent on pursuing an ideologically driven hard Brexit, cheered on by Hendon’s local MP. They’re stoking xenophobia, putting our future in jeopardy and they’re utterly out of tune with the people of Hendon. As your candidate, I’ll be a strong advocate for keeping the UK in the closest relationship possible with Europe and for a People's Vote.  And I’ll fight to oppose the Tories’ devastating plans, to protect jobs and for a Britain that is diverse and open to the world.