My pledges and priorities

I believe in a new kind of politics. Local members and local communities should come first. We should reject old-style machine politics. That's why, since day one, I've run a different kind of selection campaign. I've not applied for endorsements from outside the constituency. Instead, I've spent months meeting members across the constituency, listening to your ideas, hearing your concerns. I've built a people-powered campaign, with dozens of local volunteers. I've been overwhelmed by the response among local members. Our grassroots campaign has won far more nominations than any other candidate. Five of Hendon's seven local branches have selected me as their nominee. It shows the power of real grassroots campaigning. 

I want to bring this people-powered approach to our campaign to take Hendon from the Tories. As your candidate, I will run a different kind of campaign that puts this community and you the members and your voice, your ideas and your passion at the heart of everything I do.

If I am selected, I will:

  • Mobilise the membership. We have 700 members but few campaign. I will reach out to every single member personally and hold social events to get more members involved
  • Reach out to every community. We need to take action to address the Jewish community’s concerns head on. And we need to reach out to other communities holding events and engaging with groups we’ve previously not. I’ll make community outreach a top priority
  • Use innovative online and social media campaigns to reach new voters and people who haven’t voted Labour before
  • Listen to you and work to ensure the campaign reflects your concerns. I’ll hold regular members’ surgeries, coffee mornings, socials and new members events.
  • Launch a fund-raising drive to get the resources we need to wage an effective campaign. At the local elections, Labour had only one organiser across all of Barnet. The Tories had three in Hendon alone. We need our own organiser and ideally to get back our own constituency office. I will work to raise the funds to build towards those goals
  • Work hard to support Labour councillors and deliver Labour victories in all elections, national and local