My pledges and priorities

The first and highest calling of any MP is to be there to serve you.

The current do-nothing MP has taken this area for granted for too long. He’s rarely ever here and does little to help local people. It’s just not good enough.

As your MP, I’ll change all that. Listening to you and helping you will be my top priority. I’ll work hard to address the issues that affect you and will work every day to put your voice, your ideas and your priorities  at the heart of everything I do.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected as your MP, I will:

  • Distribute my mobile number-the number on this website-so that everyone can reach me directly. 
  • Hold weekly surgeries so that you can always come and talk to me
  • Hold regular events in every ward of the constituency
  • Work with every part of the community

I will be a visible, responsive and strong voice for you and your concerns. I can't always promise to agree with you, but I will always listen and will fight your corner.